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Our Team

Bella Pao

Director of Puplick Relations

Hi everyone! My name is Bella Pao or Bella-do, Donkey-do, Miss Snuggles, and a whole bunch of other nicknames that mommy and daddy gave me. My mommy and daddy brought me home with them in 2015 when I was just a little puppy. I am a Yorkie-poo and in reality, I’m just a small human trapped inside a dog’s body. I started coming to the office when I was recovering from back surgery due to a herniated disk…yeah I know, I’m too young for that but it had to be done.

I have a sister name Bailey. She’s a different kind of dog. I think mommy and daddy call her a cat (strange). During the days that I’m at the office, I help everyone with whatever they need…breaks by taking me for a walk, exercise by playing fetch with me, and relieving stress by giving me belly rubs and scratches.

Some of my favorite things

  • Snacks... I love my snacks. OMG!!! CHEWIES!!!
  • Naps... I especially love to snuggle up with my bunny and snooze all day
  • Food... I'm kind of a snob when it comes to food. I particularly love whatever mom and dad are eating.