What We Do : Paoerhouse Financial Group | Lake Mary, FL

What We Do

Our Approach and Expertise

Our Approach

When we look at your financial world, our goal is to understand the big picture—what kind of life do you want to live today, tomorrow, and in the future? From there, we empower you with knowledge and guidance that helps you see clearly so you can live boldly.

Step I

Discover Where You Are Now

We Learn About...
  • You & Your Personality
  • Your Goals & Objectives
  • Your Priorities
  • Your Financial & Tax Situation
You Learn About...
  • Our Services
  • The Planning Process

Step II

Design Where You Want To Go

We Help You...
  • Organize Your Financial Life
  • Understand Your Net Worth
And We...
  • Assess Your Cash Flow
  • Review Tax Returns
  • Analyze Your Risk
  • Develop Your Plan

Step III

Deliver Your Holistic Plan

Together, We...
  • Finalize Your Custom PAOer Plan
  • Align Your Investments with Your Market Volatility Tolerance
  • Optimize Your Cash Flow
  • Implement Strategies & Solutions

Step IV

Dedicated Service and Support

Then We Offer...
  • Active Plan Management
  • Tax Saving Strategies & Wealth Management
  • Proactive Communication & Education
  • Ongoing Advice
  • Plan Reviews & Updates

Tailored Strategies

When it comes to finances—how you want to live your life and what brings you peace of mind—everyone is different. That’s why we tailor each client’s strategy according to their unique needs. Whether you have a specific situation to address or just want help maximizing your opportunities, we help you find the best strategies and resources to support your vision of success. We get to know you and your family personally, and we offer valuable insight so you can see your financial situation clearly, make bold, definitive decisions, and live life to the fullest.

Our team is here to help you protect the people and things you care about, capitalize on opportunities, and grow intentionally over time. No matter how your life changes or what you need to live a strong financial future—we have you covered.

Process Graphic

Forward Looking Tax Strategies How can I be more tax efficient where I don’t have to pay more taxes to Uncle Sam than necessary?

Insurance Planning Do I have a plan to protect my family and assets from unexpected life events?

Investment Planning Are my assets well diversified? Are they in alignment for me to crystallize my goals and objectives?

Social Security and
Retirement Planning
When can I retire? Can I retire on my own terms?

Estate Planning How can I make sure that my estate is passed onto my family, favorite charities, or combination of both?

Cash Flow Planning How do I know if I won’t run out of money in retirement? Do I have a budget in place for my retirement?

Who We Serve

Sound familiar? Our clients are driven people who don’t want to waste a moment of opportunity. They have unique goals and dreams, and they’re ready to make them happen. Our job is to empower them with knowledge, resources, and direction so they can pursue their best life.

Who We Serve:

  • Pre-Retirees and Retirees
  • Successful Professionals/
    Business Owners
  • Federal/
    State Employees
  • Physicians and Nurses
  • Professional Athletes